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"The Ozzie Freidman Project"

Some early beginnings of Ozzie Freidman. Click Pictures for lager images.                  

Yosemite’s Camp 4, Birthplace of Patagonia.

Camp 4 is hallowed ground for rock climbers. After World War Two climbers would congregate here for months at a time sometimes with their families building the foundations of modern climbing and testing new equipment. Among the many famous pioneers was Yvon Chouinard founder of Patagonia. He sold and made equipment in the camp car […]

"This is Japan"

Over the coming week I am going to be posting a few articles from the following book "This is Japan". Produced by the Asahi Shinbun in 1962 the annual aims itself at promoting Japanese exports, tourism and investment in Japan. At over 400 pages it contains many interesting adverts and articles including all aspects of […]

"Dead Man"

One thing that has always fascinated me was the near god like status we give to our heroes once they have passed away to the other side. Takashi Komatsu and Ayaco Nakamura have illustrated this point, making the link between reality and myth. "Dead Man" their book of beautifully made postcards and t-shirts has depicted […]

George Hashiguchi "The Girl of Silence"

After booking a trip to Japan I needed something to get me in to get me in the mood. These photos taken by George Hashiguchi while assisting on the movie "The Girl of Silence" did just that. The pictures were shot in 1995 while the film was set in 1968, the location is Haiki a […]

Top Tip of the Day

So, you have just been out and got yourself the best pair of urban woodsman boots money can buy. Now what do you do, you have to go out and break those puppy's in. Seeing as the furthest they will take you is to your job as a graphic designer and down to the pub, […]

Anthony Burgess in New York

Anthony Burgess was born in Manchester England in 1917, perhaps his most noticeable achievement was A Clockwork Orange, which was one of more than 30 books he published. He was an accomplished musician, composer and a regular drinking buddy of William S Burroughs. These pictures are taken from a 1970's book where Burgess with the […]

Montgomery Ward

Aaron Montgomery Ward more or less created the mail-order business in 1872 to provide his rural customers with quality goods then only available in big cities. The copy of the catalog we have, known as the "wish book" from the 1950's Is beautifully illustrated and has some great product. The company is still trading today […]

Brick Lane

After meeting up with a few friends on Brick Lane for a quick drink yesterday, i dug out these photographs mainly taken in the 80's. The area has undergone many changes and is rich in history, something i cannot do justice to in a few paragraphs. One of the many things that the area still […]

A Right Royal Scandal

After the brief reign and then abdication of the Duke of Windsor the Duke Lived in Paris with the Duchess of York Wallis Warfield, essentially in retirement. Sometimes supplementing his allowance with government favours and illegal currency trading. In 1997 Sotherbys auctioned of most of his Paris estate providing an insight into the man and […]

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