Ozzie Freidman


The sport of royalty that provided inspiration for a fashion label now seen in every corner of the globe. The picture below of Laddie Sanford relaxing after a game was the catalyst for the early Ralph Lauren campaigns. When Ralph Lauren saw the picture he said to the photographer Slim Aarons, "Slim, rip yourself off" […]

Palm Beach High School 1938

While we are updating and redesigning the site so the posts have been a little sparse of late. Please bear with us while we iron out all the little details. In the meantime here is a few pics from the Palm Beach High School yearbook with someone you may recognise…           […]

The Birth Of Hot Rodding

These pictures are from the post war dry lakes era. Serviceman returning from the war would apply the skills they had learned repairing aircraft and vehicles to their new found hobby. You can make out the U.S Forces issue clothing and hats in some of the pictures. Click images for lager view.       […]

Boat Sheds On Holy Island

Sometimes you have to travel half way round the world to appreciate whats on your own door step. This what happened when I found this magazine in Japan last year. Lindisfarne is now one my top places to visit this summer, it rests just below the Scottish border on the east coast of England. Cross […]

Native Art of the Northwest Coast

These images are taken from an old book depicting the art of the native people from Seattle to the Alaskan Border. To me they look great but to the people created them each one tells a story and depicts a legend from their unique culture. I have also added two photographs I took (as you […]

"This is Japan" Part 2

As promised here are some more scans from the beautiful 1962 edition of this is Japan. There are some really good articles that I would love put up, but the sheer amount of pages is making too difficult to scan without cutting off the text. Here are a few adverts from the book promoting various […]

Hunting Patches

These used hunting badges are great and can still can be picked up pretty easily, the more worn in the better for your old canvas jacket.              

Rochester Directory, 1882

This book, Picked up on Ebay has some great advertising. The "Golden Fleece" Logo was a registered trademark of Brooks Brothers from the 1870's, that does not seem to bothered the tailor advertising his wares in the directory. I guess before the invention of the internet it was easier to get away with minor trademark […]