Ozzie Freidman


Well we all love a good USN Deck Jacket, the blue ones are pre world war two and were used extensively during the D-Day landings along with extreme weather bib and brace, but let’s not forget blue navy hats to match. This classic came up on ebay recently and sold for staggering $910 – this […]

US Navy USMC Boondockers

WWII USMC or USN Boondockers Rough-Out Boots. A great pair of industrial boots, heals marked Raw Cord.These boots were used extensively throughout the Pacific Theatre by the US Marine Corps during WWII, but they were issued to the Army as well. Pictures from this ebay auction One of the classic shots of these is in […]

Easy Rider “Captain America”

Easy Rider directed by Dennis Hopper with Peter Fonda "Captain America" and his Bates style jacket – or is it a Bates? Post your comments, Antonio Mendoza and Jack Nicholson. The classic times of man and motorcycle, this has got to be one of the best know road movies of the1960's – there are not […]

Bates in the 60’s

Bates Industries were a motorcycle accessories company based in Long Beach California, making leather jackets, leather pants, leather racing suits, they were best known for their Bates accessories for motorcycles, such as the famous Bates headlight and Bates seats. Ozzie got this through the door late September 1968 – Ozzie does not live at the […]