Ozzie Freidman

Ozzie goes to Inspiration show 2012 inspirationla.com

Ozzie and the Boys go to the Inspiration show 2012 on the Queen Mary Long Beach, LA, USA .  http://www.inspirationla.com


Bedwin & Deluxe Japan

On our recent trip to Tokyo we popped into to see our old friends from Bedwin and Deluxe. Luckily for the rest of us they are now finding their way to the rest of the world through some of the finer international suppliers of menswear. We were fortunate enough to get a tour of their […]

US Navy USMC Boondockers

WWII USMC or USN Boondockers Rough-Out Boots. A great pair of industrial boots, heals marked Raw Cord.These boots were used extensively throughout the Pacific Theatre by the US Marine Corps during WWII, but they were issued to the Army as well. Pictures from this ebay auction One of the classic shots of these is in […]

Boat Sheds On Holy Island

Sometimes you have to travel half way round the world to appreciate whats on your own door step. This what happened when I found this magazine in Japan last year. Lindisfarne is now one my top places to visit this summer, it rests just below the Scottish border on the east coast of England. Cross […]

"This is Japan" Part 2

As promised here are some more scans from the beautiful 1962 edition of this is Japan. There are some really good articles that I would love put up, but the sheer amount of pages is making too difficult to scan without cutting off the text. Here are a few adverts from the book promoting various […]

"This is Japan"

Over the coming week I am going to be posting a few articles from the following book "This is Japan". Produced by the Asahi Shinbun in 1962 the annual aims itself at promoting Japanese exports, tourism and investment in Japan. At over 400 pages it contains many interesting adverts and articles including all aspects of […]

George Hashiguchi "The Girl of Silence"

After booking a trip to Japan I needed something to get me in to get me in the mood. These photos taken by George Hashiguchi while assisting on the movie "The Girl of Silence" did just that. The pictures were shot in 1995 while the film was set in 1968, the location is Haiki a […]